At present, The Muslim Welfare Association is governed by 7 Trustees including up to 2 co-opted Trustees, appointed by resolution of the Trustees.

Alhamdulillaah, we are incredibly fortunate by the Grace of Allaah that Shaikh, Dr. Abdul Karim Awad has been as our Imam since 1996 as well as being Qaadi and one of the Imaams for the Liverpool Muslim Institute, Al Rahma Masjid.

Shaikh Dr. Awad has obtained a BA, MA, Mphil, Post Doctorate degree and two PhD’s. The first is an Applied Linguistic and Cultural Diversity (2002). The second is in Translating Arabic into English with special reference to Qur’anic Discourse (2005).

Though Shaikh Dr. Awad is originally from Gaza, Palestine, he was Imaam for a number of years in Saudi Arabia before emigrating to the UK where he began to receive on-the-job training for teaching and research supervision. He has over 40 years of teaching experience in various parts of the World as well decades of research and has published over 15 books ما شاء الله.