Actions that should be performed in case of death in the family:

1 ) Contact the secretary of the Rhyl Masjid & Islamic Cultural Centre on:

Phone: 01745360467 Mobile: 07859019632 for further information of the procedure.

2) Obtain the relevant death certificate from a doctor for the deceased.

3) Take the Certificate to the local Registrar Marriage & Death Office who will then issue a green certificate to release the body.

4) Contact the Funeral Directors primarily used by Rhyl Masjid & Islamic Cultural Centre:

Howatson Ivor & Son 
Sisson St, Rhyl LL18 2DE
Tel: 01745 331182

Or alternatively any Funeral Directors of your choice.

5)      The green certificate should be given to the Funeral Directors, who will then liaise with the Masjid to arrange for the remaining procedures of the Janaazah.

6)       The body will be brought to the Masjid for Ghusl on the day that is decided for the Janaazah to take place.

7)       In certain cases where further enquiry is necessary to establish the cause of death the case may be referred to the Coroner’s Office. In this case the Coroner will issue you with the relevant paper, which should be taken to the Funeral Director. 

8)       The Funeral Directors will then be able to release the deceased from the hospital and store in their Mortuary and will then fetch the body to the Masjid on the morning of the Janaazah.

9)      The Masjid will then arrange for the Ghusl and shrouding of the deceased in accordance with Islamic Laws.

10)     Soon after Dhuhr prayer the Janaazah prayer will take place in the Masjid for the deceased.

11)     The deceased will then be taken to the cemetery for burial.